• This is the America I love and believe in ❤️

    • “Heading home this afternoon, I saw an older white woman lying flat out on the sidewalk on the corner of Peoria and 49th Street, with a young Asian woman trying to talk to her. I did a quick u-turn and pulled into the parking lot of Burger Street just as another car pulled in. I jumped out of my car at the same time that a young black man jumped out of his. We both did a quick check and found that the woman was using a walker and had fallen backwards hitting her head on the cement. I said I would call 911, the young black man went to his car and got a soft jacket and gently placed it under her head to shield her head from the scorching cement sidewalk (it was 100 degrees today). Soon other angels began to arrive. One young white woman got an umbrella out of her car to shield the woman’s face from the sun, another got towels out of her car to place under the woman’s bare arms. A young Hispanic employee from Burger Street came out with a bucket of clean, cool water and a rag to place on her forehead. We all: Black, white, Asian and Hispanic worked together to aid an older white woman who had fallen. This is the America I love and believe in. One with compassion, kindness, and love, regardless of race, age or sex.”
      -Cindy Wagoner Webb

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